Whisky Sinners - Released May 1, 2016

Re-Coop - Released February 2014

Dismal Reviews - Released September 2010

All albums are available on iTunes, CDBaby, and other online services.

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Damn Pigeon is a versatile independent guitar-rock band from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.  Originally formed in 1991, the band has morphed through several phases of development into it's current form, releasing three full-length indie albums of original songs along the way. 

Songs from 'Dismal Reviews' (2010) and 'Re-Coop' (2014) have enjoyed radio airplay in some 28 countries around the world. The band continues to write, record, gig and build it's fan base.  The new album, 'Whisky Sinners',  is set to drop in May 2016.  Stay tuned...

Want Damn Pigeon to rock your venue or event?  Contact us here at: damnpigeon@rogers.com